Elevate your business with a nice little site.


Your small business has big potential. You’re helping customers in your office, shop or in the field, but you need to make a good impression on the Internet to reach more people. If you want a nice website, but don’t want to go through a big hassle or expense, where do you start? You can make it yourself on Squarespace, and we will show you exactly what you need to do.


What exactly is a Tiny Website?

Our Tiny Websites are single-page sites that include multiple sections – one for each key aspect of your business. They are user friendly and mobile friendly, and contain the right amount of information for today's website readers. Or, really, non-readers.

Who is Make A Tiny Website for?

Make A Tiny Website is for businesses who don't have an effective website, and whose small marketing budgets aren't sufficient to hire competent, trustworthy website help. It is for people who care about quality but don't know how to achieve it on a DIY budget.

It is also for people who don't want to learn web design or development, and just want to get the job done quickly and effectively so they can get back to their main job.

Make A Tiny Website is for business owners who can appreciate the expertise a professional could bring, but who know they need to grow before spending that kind of money. And, it's for people who know their website must communicate the right things about their business, but need help figuring out what those things are.

What if I'm non-technical?

You need no technical knowledge and almost no aptitude to create your site – just the ability to follow simple, step-by-step, visual directions. If you can write and respond to e-mail or post a cat meme to Facebook, you should be good to go with Make A Tiny Website.

What if I don't have a creative bone in my body?

Follow Make A Tiny Website to the letter and your site will look good despite your bones.

Will I build a real live website that I can use for my business?

Heck yeah. That's the point, right? We are betting you don't need or want to learn web design or development, so we tell you exactly what to do to build an actual site for your actual business, leaving out all that HTML, PHP and CSS stuff.

How long will it take?

Probably obviously, it depends a lot on what you start with. Make A Tiny Website begins by helping you figure out what's most important to communicate, then helping you write it out. If you've already figured out some of this, or if you like writing the kind of short, snappy copy that goes into a Tiny Website, you'll be done in less than a day. If you're a ponderer, or you don't have several hours at once to devote, expect it to take a little longer.

Where will my site live?

We use Squarespace, a platform that makes it significantly easier for business owners to build and grow an effective website. We like and use other platforms and website hosting companies for certain situations, but believe Squarespace is best for busy small business owners.

Why make it tiny?

Several distinct areas of expertise factor into any quality website, large or small: writing, design, coding, marketing…there are more. Most business owners have better things to do than gain the expertise needed to build a good website, which is why most DIY business websites are ineffective. Ugly, even. By keeping it tiny, and telling you exactly what to do, we make it easy to build a site that builds business.

What if I want a big website?

Cool. But start tiny.

With Squarespace, Tiny Websites can easily be evolved into larger websites. With Make A Tiny Website, you'll have a head start on a larger site – not to mention a completed website that is working for your business now, instead of the months it takes to finish a larger site.

But if you want to start big, with no experience, and spend days, weeks or months creating a large website that doesn't drive business, we understand. We sometimes have to learn the hard way, too.

Can I use a domain name I already have?

You betcha.

I don't have a domain name and don't even know what I should pick. Can Make A Tiny Website help?

Yup. We'll help you think through a few of the important aspects of picking a domain name so you can get a good one. An upside of using Squarespace is that it is super easy to buy and connect a domain name to your site. Bonus: if you pay by the year when you sign up, Squarespace will give you a free domain name.

What if I already have a website? I admit it stinks, but I have one.

While working through the first several chapters in the Make A Tiny Website guidebook would help improve your site's content (and that's really the most important part), to get the most benefit from the guidebook you should build a new site from start to finish. You'll probably find it way easier to build than the site you currently have.

When your Tiny Website is ready, you'll just connect your domain name to it and voilà! – everyone will see your lovely new site instead of your…stinky…old one. Then you can cancel the hosting service for the old site, keeping only your domain registration active.

How much will my Tiny Website site cost?

Between $125 – $200, including your Make A Tiny Website guidebook and one year of website hosting at Squarespace. Squarespace offers a two-week free trial period – plenty of time to go through the Make A Tiny Website process and evaluate Squarespace.

Can I take my Tiny Website and move it somewhere else?

No, not really. You can export your content (that is, your writing) from Squarespace. But all of the structure and design in your site comes from Squarespace.

I could handle the writing part, but I'm afraid of actually building the site myself. What if I really can't handle it?

We totally understand that. We've worked with many clients who have no website experience at all, and most of them do great with the kind of visual examples we provide in Make A Tiny Website.

We think almost anyone will be able to build using our guide, but if you find yourself stuck once you get into it, we do build a limited number of Tiny Websites for the too-fearful or too-busy.

Our "Build It for Me" service is $449. You supply your completed Build It Worksheet containing your site's copy, and one or two quality photos, and we'll do the rest. Sound good? Awesome – click here to tell us about your project.

I'm not the best writer. Will I be able to write anything good enough to put on a website?

If you know your business and customers well, you'll probably do just fine. It's really not much writing at all, and more about the big ideas you probably already have a grip on.

We designed Make A Tiny Website for people who need to build their own quality website with zero website experience, so we believe you can do it if you'll just allow yourself a little time. But if you find yourself stuck once you get into it, we do write a limited number of Tiny Websites for the too-fearful or too-busy.

The fee for this "Write It for Me" service is $449, and other than one chat to get to know your business, we do it all. Is that the kind of help you need? If so, click here to tell us about your project.

I like the idea of having a Tiny Website for my business, but not the idea of writing or building it. Can you just do the whole thing for me?

Yes. We build a limited number of Tiny Websites each month. If you would like us to create your site, please click here to get in touch and let us know your details.

Are you affiliated with Squarespace?

Nope. We just appreciate the power it brings to small businesses and entrepreneurs, and would like to make it easier for those folks to use Squarespace (it's not rocket science, but there can be a learning curve). We don't receive compensation of any kind from Squarespace. Not that we're opposed to it ;-)

Who created Make A Tiny Website?

Make A Tiny Website is the brainchild of Faith Watson and Teresa Rosche Ott, marketing copywriter and website consultant, respectively. Solo, they've worked for years to help small businesses reach prospects and grow their businesses. Together, Faith & Teresa aim to help the smallest of small businesses create effective websites and grow – without a huge hassle or expense.






I have an infrequently asked question. Can you help?

Sure. Send us your question and we'll get right back to you.


Make A Tiny Website: Your simple, step-by-step guide to building a site that’s just right.

You’ll get a ton of screenshots to follow, bite-sized instructions, specific examples, easy-to-use worksheets, and fun strategies to help you elevate your business beyond Main Street.

In addition to our Make A Tiny Website guidebook, we've put together a plan that will help you create a finished website in two weeks, in less than an hour a day. While the plan is most helpful when used with the guidebook, you should get a lot out of it even if you haven't yet purchased the guidebook. With your 2-Week Website Building Plan and Make A Tiny Website guidebook, you will have the hands-down easiest solution for creating a professional-looking website yourself.

We've made the plan available on a "pay what it's worth" basis; we'll let you decide if that's more or less than its $9 price tag.